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Trout Creek Flies is proud to be the premier fly shop for both the Green River and for Flaming Gorge Reservoir, we are here to provide you with most anything you could possibly need for your adventure.

We carry a variety of brands your convenience and our staff are passionate about providing unmatched knowledge and service – regardless of your skill level or whether or not you’ll be utilizing our guide services.

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We’re committed to doing everything we can to help you make the most of your Green River and Flaming Gorge experience.

Come pick our brains while we set you up with the gear you need for your trip, the right rig, and the right techniques for an incredible day of fishing. Our success is made by your success!

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March 19, 2024

Flows: 850-2,200 cfs

Temps: 37-39 F

Fishing has been solid on all three sections, and red creek is running clear. The midge hatch has been good, and we are starting to see a decent amount of bwo’s when conditions are favorable. Heavy nymph rigs in slow, deep water has been effective. On most days you can find rising fish along the banks and in the back eddies. Streamer fishing has been decent on overcast days.

Go-to flies:

Black, brown, wine midge larva, pupa, and adult patterns- #16-22. BWO’s nymph, emerger, and adult/cripple patterns- #16-18.  Grey scuds- #18-22. Peach and pink egg patterns. Red and brown worm patterns. Small tan, ginger, and olive streamer patterns.

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