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Shuttle Service

Trout Creek Flies shuttle service for Green River and Flaming Gorge is licensed within the Ashley National Forest.

Shuttling vehicles to points along the river is an integral factor of the river experience.

We understand the importance of treating clients’ vehicles with the utmost care.

Sections of Green River

Our shuttle services operates on the following four sections of Green River:

  • Dam to Little Hole
  • Dam or Little Hole to Browns Park
  • Different points in Browns Park
  • Shuttle prices vary from $50.00 to $145.00 depending on the sections of the river you’d like to visit.

Current Shuttle Prices

Dam to Little Hole
D.J. Airport to Dam or Little Hole*
D.J. Airport to Lodges*
Dam or Little Hole to Browns Park (Indian Crossing, Taylor Flat, Cowboy)
Dam or Little Hole to Pipeline Crossing
Dam or Little Hole to Swallow Canyon
From different points in Browns Park (Section C)
Rafting section A (Dam to Little Hole) Launch & Pickup*
Rafting section B (Dam or Little Hole to Indian crossing) Launch & Pickup*
Indian Crossing to Pipeline
Indian Crossing to Swallow Canyon
*by appointment only

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July 6, 2023
Green River Fishing Report

Flows: 820-1510 cfs
            52.0-58.0 F

Hatches: Midge
                 Yellow Sallies

Recommended Flies: (Nymphs) flashback scud #18-22, Grey soft hackle #16-22, WD-40/50 (grey) #22-24, Crack back PMD #14-16, Frenchie #14-16, Pheasant Tail #14-16, Iron Sally #12-14, Kyle’s BH Sally #12-14, Psycho Prince #12-14, Quill Sally #12-14, Caddis poopah (olive, grey) #16-20, Bird’s nest (olive, natural) #16-20
(Dry Flies) Cicadas #6-12, Sparkle Dun (cream, yellow) #14-16, Comparadun PMD #14-16, Parachute PMD #14-16, Yellow Sally stimulator #12-14, Hairwing Sally #12-14, Yellow/orange Triple Double #12-14, X Caddis (olive) #16-20,
Spent Wing Caddis #16-20, Elk Hair Caddis (olive, black) #16-20, Triple Double (black,olive) #16-20, Cricket #12-14

(A section) fishing has been good with the best fishing on the lower half of the section. Try nymphing scuds or throw caddis dry flies in the morning, and nymph or dry fly fish PMD’s and Yellow Sallies in the afternoon.

(B section) fishing has been good with the best fishing above red creek tributary. Try nymphing PMD and Yellow Sallies, or Caddis and yellow sally dry flies. It is recommended that boaters take the river left channel through red creek rapid. Keep in mind that at any time red creek tributary can blow out the river after a heavy rainfall.

(C section) fishing has been good when water clarity is good. Try caddis, cricket, and yellow sally dry flies with droppers. This section requires longer cast and perfect drifts. Keep in mind that red creek tributary can blow out this section of river at any time.

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